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How AI embedded in aircraft flight decks is supporting airline pilots

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Artificial Intelligence is one of the key drivers for the shift to a more digital aviation sector, and by interacting with other digital enablers (connectivity, big data) is the gateway to more precise, safer flight and more efficiency in the cockpit – as pilots receive sharper, more blended data and information. This all represents an invaluable aid in pilots’ tasks of navigating aircraft from A to B, ever more swiftly and safely. AI is already present on board aircraft and Thales will increasingly embed AI in the solutions we deliver. Everybody is set to gain from this trend across the aviation chain, and for Thales delivering AI capability is also an integral part of the certifiable Thales TrUE AI framework.


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About this podcast

In this podcast, learn about Thales' approach to Artificial Intelligence, including its development of Hybrid AI for more power and functionality in critical environments, keeping humans in the decision-making loop, and requiring AI systems to be transparent, understandable, and ethical.

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