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How do we make Augmented Intelligence a reality in critical systems?

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Today, Artificial Intelligence is pushing our technologies to a new frontier. The fast moving digital revolution gives us a glimpse of the potential of Artificial Intelligence, or AI, and the risks that come with it. When working in regulated industries such as aerospace, transportation or defence, we must ensure that our technologies are certifiable, explainable, and trustworthy while keeping people accountable for critical decisions.
To allow us to solve problems of greater complexity, while maintaining the same trust level, we have adopted a new AI Strategy which puts humans at the centre: Augmented Intelligence.
Two Thales employees based in Montreal and in Quebec City in Canada- Siegfried Usal, General Manager, and Jean-François Gagnon, Human Factors and Cognition Scientist –explain what kind of approach Augmented Intelligence is, and what areas of application they’re working on.


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About this podcast

In this podcast, learn about Thales' approach to Artificial Intelligence, including its development of Hybrid AI for more power and functionality in critical environments, keeping humans in the decision-making loop, and requiring AI systems to be transparent, understandable, and ethical.

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